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Chicago Women of Power Chapter

Chicago, IL
16 Circles | 820 Members
Chicago, IL
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About this Chapter
Uniting Women Across the be bold, prosperous, aware, and courageous enough to avoid the common pit falls of just doing the job.. Realizing that you are the job -- we are all a work in progress! Ask yourself, what would you do if you weren't afraid?
Chapter Leaders
  • Founder

    Tiffany Willis-Johnson

    Chicago, IL
  • Leader

    Samantha Fisher

    Brookfield, IL

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About this Circle

Circle for professional women of color...

Chicago Black Women of Power

Chicago, IL
3 Members

About this Circle

"Cuando me miro en el espejo ya no busco la que fui en el pasado... sonrio a la que soy hoy... me alegro del camino andado, y asumo mis contradicciones."

- …

Chicago Latina Women of Power

2 Members

About this Circle

We are a group of women based in Chicago in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Construction careers. The goal of our circle is to build trust and friendships, and to help …

Chicago Women in STEM

Chicago, IL
181 Members

About this Circle

The Chicago Women Leaders Circle connects and empowers women in Chicago to be powerful and courageous leaders.

It’s a forum for women who embrace the sometimes chaot…

Chicago Women Leaders

Chicago, IL
23 Members

About this Circle

A supportive space for Accounting & Finance professionals to share best practices and develop as leaders.

CPAs Lean In

32 Members

About this Circle

The goal is to bring a stronger bond of friendship between women that will last a lifetime. In return will empower each other to succeed in love, life and many endeavors. Let us ha…

Girlfriends for Life

50 Members

About this Circle

All women should feel they have the confidence and know-how to achieve their goals. Having a supportive community to help encourage this is the goal of the Lake County Leaders. Kno…

Lake County Leaders

Vernon Hills, IL
34 Members

About this Circle

Strengthen your leadership and professional skill set with our Lean In Chicagoland Circle. We are a proactive group interested in learning from each other and supporting profession…

Lean In Chicagoland!

Chicago, IL
348 Members

About this Circle

Women's Leadership Group at Narrative Science

NS Women's Leadership Group

Chicago, IL
14 Members

About this Circle

1) Networking and Re-connecting across the lines of business; Lean more about the other lines of business
2) Work / Life Balance
3) Professional Risk Taking
4) Me…


JPMorgan Chase in Chicago, Illinois
12 Members

About this Circle

Support young girls. Give them encourage and information about knowledge.


7 Members

About this Circle

Our group is committed to engaging in monthly discussions that will empower our members to reach for their goals. Our circle's 3 main goals are:
1) Network and build rel…


Wiley edu, LLC in Chicago, IL
10 Members

About this Circle

Mentorship opportunities for members of perspective members of Women in ETFs Chicago.

Women in ETFs Chicago

Chicago, IL
9 Members

About this Circle

So what is a woman’s circle? It is an intimate gathering where we learn new ways of speaking, listening, and relating to others.

Embracing the philosophies and inspira…

LEAN IN Womens Circle

2 Members