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Lean In Latinas

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Lean In Latinas provides a platform of encouragement and support for Latinas in the workplace to achieve higher levels of performance. Discussions provide confidence building, ideas exchange, and inspiration.
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    Anna Dapelo-Garcia

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About this Circle

CSUEB Latinas is a Lean In circle founded by Cindia De La Torre in January, 2017. The Lean In circle targets the undergraduate and graduate Latina students attending California St…

CSUEB Latinas

6 Members

About this Circle

This circle is for Latinas and allies in the Houston, Texas and surrounding area. Our goal is to support Latinas in their professional and leadership development.


Houston, TX
5 Members

About this Circle

LCSV connects members with an impressive network of professional Latinas and in an engaging movement of Latinas making their voices heard at the decision-making table.

Latina Coalition of Silicon Valley

San Jose, CA
1 Members

About this Circle

The empowerment of LATINAS continues to grow with ALL WOMEN in this nation, as a powerful body with the ability to have a positive global and economic impact. We are an integral pa…


New York, NY
154 Members

About this Circle

Lean-in Entrepreneurs mission is to build a resource center for entrepreneurs. Define each individual's dream and make it a reality.

Lean in entrepreneurs

San Jose, CA
4 Members

About this Circle

In this group, we will practice yoga and meditation to support our general well-being. You will learn tools to support emotional balance and develop serenity and resilience by calm…

Lean In Wellness

Santa Clara, CA
19 Members

About this Circle

Leading the way in Marketing for Lean In Latinas and beyond. This circle is for engaging in marketing for Lean In Latinas and building skills to use to elevate your Marketing and y…


San Jose, CA
27 Members

About this Circle

Millennial Latinas provides a platform of guidance and support for this generation of future women leaders. Discussions include professional development, teen pregnancy prevention …

Millennial Latinas

36 Members

About this Circle

Help introduce new members to the Lean in Latinas chapter. Introduce the accomplishments and goals of the chapter. Facilitate meet and greets for new members.

New Member Onboarding

Redwood City, CA
5 Members

About this Circle

This circle is for people who have lived through a rough life but have the perseverance to rise up past their limits and exceed them!

Rise up Latinas

1 Members

About this Circle

This group is for all Latinas in the Oakland, San Francisco area. We will focus on professional development with guest speakers.


SF/East Bay Latinas

Oakland, CA
26 Members

About this Circle

This circle aims to inspire Latinas to engage in lifelong learning of the world and of themselves to transform into the best role models and leaders we can be. We seek to refine ou…

Young Latina Education

8 Members