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Lean In Ohio

Dayton, OH
10 Circles | 341 Members
Dayton, OH
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About this Chapter
LEAN IN OHIO is a volunteer-driven community aimed at the advancement of women. We provide circle support, mentorship training and community activities.

Join us on January 28th for Lean In Ohio's Mentorship Workshop with Dr. Jo Blondin, President of Clark State!

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    Julene Allen

    Regional Leaderi
    Dayton, OH

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About this Circle

With well over 170 members in the Lean In Dayton Chapter, the Coffee Shop Circle, founded in Dayton Ohio provides an intimate atmosphere for relationship building! We meet on the S…


Dayton, OH
62 Members

About this Circle

Building Effective Networks and Lasting Resources for the Incredible women in Columbus, Ohio!

Lean In Columbus

Columbus, OH
26 Members

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According to Lean In and McKinsey & Company's Women in the Workplace Study, "Nearly two-thirds of men say that the senior leaders who have helped them advance were mo…

Lean In Ohio Mentorship Program

Springfield, OH
18 Members

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Starting off with the Airforce Marathon on September 16th, 2017, Lean In Ohio pledges to lean into adventure. We are also raising funds to support our new book, Lean In Ohio 100 Wo…

Lean Into Adventure

Dayton, OH
5 Members

About this Circle

This Lean In Circle is for people in the Columbus, OH area who would like to meet regularly to learn and grow together.

We meet once a month, and have a shared/parti…


Columbus, OH
165 Members

About this Circle

Springfield Circle is a group based in Clark County, Ohio for women who live and or work in Springfield and surrounding regions. Lean in circles are small groups that meet in local…

Springfield Circle

Springfield, Ohio
13 Members

About this Circle

An opportunity for women to encourage and empower one another to reach their career goals, become leaders in their workplace, and impact their communities.

The Grid

Piketon, Ohio
12 Members

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We are a group of professionals coming together to encourage a biased-free workplace and society.

Unconscious Bias Think Tank

Dayton, OH
2 Members

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Wright Women unites women affiliated with Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, whether they are active duty, civilian employees, spouses, or community members who care about issues fac…

Wright Women

US Military - Air Force in Wright-Patterson AFB, OH
58 Members