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NJ LeanIn

Millburn, NJ
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Millburn, NJ
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About this Chapter
NJ LeanIn is a Platform for women in New Jersey which provides a space where women support each other’s attempts to lean in, both professionally and personally.
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    Jyoti Sharma

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Raise your inner enthusiasm! Break free and begin that project, that business, write that book, no more procrastination. This circle is to get you moving in 2015 and making it your…


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The empowerment of LATINAS continues to grow with ALL WOMEN in this nation, as a powerful body with the ability to have a positive global and economic impact. We are an integral pa…


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inspiration and support to keep on trekking!


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An eclectic and talented group of women who strive for excellence in their personal and professional lives.

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Bloomfield, NJ
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