About this Circle
Our Lean In Circle reflects our intention to build confidence and strength in each other to go further forward than we would otherwise have done by ourselves.
Our group goals are:
To motivate, inspire, support  and encourage one another to try new things and be bold by stepping outside the comfort zone
To build another's confidence to set ambitious goals and work to achieve them
To make a positive change in our lives
To maximize our potentials via the strength of our spoken ideas, synergy of thought and the mindfulness of our inner truth and values
Belongs to These Chapters
  • Founder

    Rubina Rahiman

    Leidschenveen, Netherlands
  • member

    Victoria Human

  • member

    Rupa Jethwa

  • member

    Sana El Boukhari

  • member

    Noa Brume

  • member

    Chen An

    Rotterdam, Nederland
  • member

    Maaike Harmsen

  • member

    Magdalena Drozdz

  • member

    Marianna Tomkova

    Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • member

    Rumana Arish