About this Circle
STEM is often a multifaceted field that appreciates business management, marketing, design and networking skills. By existing within the Lean In Latinas chapter we will be able to provide our members with diverse opportunities to grow both in the their respective careers while also branching out into many other fields.

Focus on the recruitment and the retention of Latinas in STEM.
o Recruitment: Grades 9-12 outreach aimed at students as well as parents.
o Retention: Build visible presence in college campuses, STEM conferences, focus on self-empowerment and fostering an internal locus of control.
Assist in the building and planning of post-Graduate opportunities.
o Create 5 year plans
o Create internship opportunities by networking with local companies and universities.
o Focus on developing writing and verbal skills.
o GRE/ MCAT or other standardized test working groups.
Maintenance of mental health
o Coping skills for dealing with inevitable failures throughout careers in STEM.
o Provide safe space to voice personal troubles that may in someway be hindering our progress.
o Expand our understanding of STEM by rejecting the notion of a one dimensional career path.

NON-STEM Members Welcome :)
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